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Now that we have launched Lesbians Write On: A Celebration of Contemporary Australian Lesbian Writing, the Long Breast Press collective would like to encourage everyone to buy copies of this anthology not only for yourself but also for your friends, lovers and family to enjoy. At a mere cost of $20 per copy (plus $5 postage for one or $14 for two or more anywhere in Australia) it makes an appropriate and affordable gift.

We would also like to thank once again all those who have attended our book launches and especially those who have already bought one or more copies of the book. Your invaluable support has not only been encouraging for those of us on the LBP collective who have worked hard over these past two years to bring the book to fruition but it has gone a long way towards boosting the writing morale of the contributors. 

Not only that, but each purchase helps us to cover the considerable publishing costs and any surplus left over will go towards helping to publish LBP books in the future.

with many thanks

Ardy, Barbary, Claudia and Jean, from the Long Breast Press Collective

Lesbians Write On: A Celebration of Contemporary Australian Lesbian Writing, edited by Long Breast Press Collective: Ardy Tibby, Barbary Clarke, Claudia Huber, Jean Taylor and Rosalinda Rayne, Long Breast Press, Melbourne, 2013. 

Lesbians Write On is an eclectic collection of literary pieces through the eyes of 24 lesbian authors in Australia.

With the use of poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction writing styles, a diverse range of topics touching lesbian lives is explored. 

Topics like, being a radical lesbian feminist, love, lesbian gatherings, the fear of losing a lover, lesbian activism, dealing with racism, ageing as lesbians, interactions with biological families and much more.

In short, what it means to live as a lesbian in Australia today.

It follows in the footsteps of numerous lesbian writers and publishers who, over many decades, have contributed to shaping lesbian communities by giving voice to the unique experience of lesbians in a changing world.

The Long Breast Press collective is proud to be part of a long tradition of nurturing a lesbian feminist community through written and published words.

Cover photo by Meg Irwin, cover design by Alana Jones 2013

Willing Up and Keeling Over: A Lesbian Handbook on Death Rights and Rituals, Anah Holland-Moore, Ardella Tibby, Barbary Clarke, Cathy Wheel, Claudia Huber, Jean Taylor, Lorraine Le Plastrier, Rosalinda Rayne, Long Breast Press, Melbourne, 2007

Willing Up and Keeling Over is a practical handbook to help us with those financial, emotional and legal details when a lesbian lover or friend is faced with death.

It covers a wide range of topics such as wills, powers of attorney, preparing for dying, arranging funerals/cremations or dealing with grief.

The information given in this book helps lessen the impact of our own eventual death or the death of a loved one on lovers, friends and family we leave behind.

What makes this book special is the inclusion of our own heartfelt personal stories, art and poetry.

A must read for any lesbian who not only treasures being in charge of her own life, but who also believes in her choice of dying with dignity and in peace.

She Who Sails Into the Wind, sculpture and photo by Lorraine le Plastrier, cover design by LBP Collective 2007

Esther’s Nine Lives, Esther Olivares, Long Breast Press, Melbourne, 2012

Esther’s Nine Lives is the auto-biography of Esther Olivares, a Chilean lesbian who survived being shot and traumatised by the Chilean military under the Pinochet regime and who escaped to Australia in 1977.

In this book Esther carries us along through her eventful life in Chile and Australia. A life that would have left most people a quivering mess. Yet she emerges, despite her justifiable anger at the many insults and bullets fired at her, as a joyous survivor. She keeps relishing life and nature and sharing that enjoyment with us.

If you are interested in lesbianism, feminism, South America, surviving persecution, indigenous cultures, migration, travel or the spiritual regeneration offered by nature, you will treasure this book.

Photographer unknown, cover design by Alana Jones 2012

 There are several purchase methods available for the LBP titles.

  1. You can either send a cheque made payable to Long Breast Press Inc with your return postal details to:
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  2. Pay through the LBP bank account which is with the Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank in Moonee Ponds in Melbourne (accessed through the Commonwealth Bank) and the Branch Bank Deposit details are: 
    Account Name: Long Breast Press Inc
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  3. Or the Internet Banking Transfer Details are:
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And don't forget to leave your name with the deposit so we'll know who it's from and let us know by email, as above, where to send the book.

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