The Womyn’s Revolution

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THE WOMYN’S REVOLUTION, Jean Taylor, Dyke Books Inc, Melbourne, 2013

TWR Cover

This book is set in the heady days of 1973, at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Melbourne, Australia, and at a time when lesbian feminists were starting to make their presence felt.

It tells the story of two 16 year olds, Kieren and Tess, who are friends at the beginning of the book and lesbian lovers by the end of it. These young womyn are still at school when they start to learn the hard way about how womyn are oppressed and what they can do about it by becoming involved in various WLM activities and womyn’s activist collectives.

This book also describes Kieren and Tess’ relationships with their mothers, Gene and Rhea respectively; as well as some of the aspects of Melbourne culture at that time. And includes short stories written by Kieren to illustrate the points and expand on the themes in the main story line.

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